COVID-19 Information

We're still open! However, there are a few rules.

We’re still open, and it’s a great time to be creating content. However, there are a few rules.

In order to keep everyone safe we are enforcing the following rules:

  • Maximum of 10 people in your crew
  • No one on site with flu-like symptoms
  • No one on site who’s had contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 2 weeks
  • No one on site who lives in the Northern Beaches Council local government area whilst it remains listed as a “area with increased testing” by Health NSW
  • Wash your hands!

In the meantime we’re:

  • Deep cleaning the studio daily
  • Keeping hand wash available at all times
  • Maintaining a record of everyone who comes into the studio to assist NSW Health with contact tracing if required

Please get in contact if you have questions. Otherwise go ahead and Book now.